Oh dear! This is an enormous carbon footprint.

Do you know that according to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in the U.K., the global fashion industry produced more CO2 emissions than international flights and maritime shipping combined in 2015? We haven’t heard if this is still true for 2016 and 2017, but it’s probably safe to assume that it is. Our part of the industry contributed to this. We need to be much more aware of our carbon footprint and do something about it.

Creative T-shirt designs

Use Google to find creative T-shirt design ideas.

Do you know that if you’re stuck for creative designs there’s a solution that’s so easy it’s almost ridiculous. Just Google “T-shirt ideas”. You’ll find an amazing trove of creativity. We’re not suggesting copying designs, but quite often great designs can be stimulating and lead to other great designs.

Pallet adhesive

Hi Stanley’s. Tell me about water-based pallet adhesive.


Do you know that a web pallet adhesive spray is usually recommended when printing fleece? It is said to hold the heavier fleece better. But a good water-based pallet adhesive can do the job too, and it’s more environmentally and operator-health friendly. Ask Stanley’s about water-based pallet adhesives.

Don’t be silly

Is this how you’re going to show your appreciation? Com’on, get serious.

Do you know that if you’re going to find creative ways to reward your employees from time to time, you should make them sincere, not silly. Just because an idea is promoted, say, in a book on employee management, it doesn’t follow that it’s a good idea. Silliness can take the sincerity out of a reward and this is not good when you’re dealing with something as important as employee management.


Do you know that a portfolio of your shop’s work can do a lot to excite customers and sell your shop to them? The best format is is a ‘book’ at least 11″ x 17″ that has a print per page. The viewer can then sit down and page through it. This format allows for touching and feeling—an important consideration in textile screen printing, and especially for special effects prints and soft-hand prints.

Buying equipment

You didn’t tell me that I was getting an outdated model!


Do you know that you could get hosed when you make an investment in a big item of equipment like, say, a press? Ask a lot of questions and leave no stone unturned. For instance, this actually happened . . . A printer bought a press and two weeks later the manufacturer announced a series of improvements to the model. He didn’t ask, so he wasn’t told.

Paying less for something that actually costs more.

Stop! Do you know the real cost of the cheaper product?


Do you know that the way to judge the price of plastisol is not by the bucket price but by the cost per print? Cheaper but poorer quality ink can require more to be laid down, take more time to print, and produce poorer results. Don’t just compare the side-by-side bucket price, compare the side-by-side performance. You may pay less for something that’s costing you more.

Pre-shrinking Tees

Do you know that if you’re flashing shirts between screens, some garments can shrink enough under the flash cure to cause a registration problem? If this happens, a simple solution is to heat the shirt first under the flash cure before the first print. Just be sure to let it cool before printing or you’ll have ink gelling in the screen and causing a blockage.

Rewarding employees

Employees want to love where they work


Do you know that if you want to reward employees to show your appreciation in a way that doesn’t break the bank, there are a lot of ideas you can use? For instance: a free taxi ride home; tickets to a movie; a day off with pay; a free lunch; a magazine subscription; and a ton more you could probably think of. It doesn’t just make you a likable boss, it’s also good business practice.

Company pet

Do you know that company pets (usually dogs) are very common in the textile screen printing industry? Image Magazine is still doing a regular feature on print-shop pets in Britain. They’re up to about 30 by now. However, pets lack discretion in a business setting — that part is up to you to manage.

Screen printing studios

Print at a studio for occasional and small printers.


Do you know that screen printing studios exist in Britain? For £100 you can get 50 hours of access. They have all the stuff you need for a screen printing project. Small independents and online T-shirt retailers use the service extensively. When will we have something like this in some of our bigger centres?


I’m glad I called you.


Do you know that fibrillation (that pesky condition where small fibres stick up through the print and make it look dusty or furry) need not be a problem? There are various remedies to deal with this. Ask Stanley’s in Cambridge at 1 877 205 9218 or Calgary 1 877 661 1553. .

Back to School


Do you know that it’s only a couple of months before the kids head back to school? There’s a lot of textile screen printing business associated with the beginning of a new school year. Are you out looking for your share of it?


What’s going on? These colours matched before . . .


Do you know that “metamerism” is the term used to describe colours that match in one light source and not in another? This is why, when colour matching, a light box with different light sources is useful in recognising metameric pairs and in developing a standard method of colour evaluation.

Single, multi-purpose white

I’ve been waiting for this white for years!


Do you know that Wilflex has a non-phthalate white plastisol that’s good for multiple fabrics (polyester to cotton), is low-cure, non-ghosting, soft-hand, fast flashing, and has great stretch? It’s designed to simplify the supply chain and reduce inventory carrying costs (one-white-fits-all). It’s Epic Single LC White and is available from Stanley’s Cambridge branch. Call Craig at 1 877 205 9218.