A break-through in manual squeegee technology!

A much healthier way to grip a squeegee.

Doug is pleased to announce that Stanley’s has landed the sole Canadian distributorship for the new EZGrip squeegee handle. They are now available from Stanley’s for just $33.95 (Canadian), which is remarkable value when you consider the benefits over conventional squeegees.

Let’s start with the manual printer’s nightmare, carpal tunnel syndrome. The EZGrip handle vastly minimises that worry. According to the inventor of the EZGrip squeegee, Ron Sievert, the National Institute of Health in the U.S. has stated that the power grip used in the EZGrip does not primarily or exclusively use the muscles affected by carpal tunnel syndrome.

This seems to be confirmed by a user who says, “I have been manually printing T-shirts for over twenty years and suffered nerve damage from repetitive motion injury. Switching to EZGrip handles has literally changed the game for me. I can feel my fingers again!” The Occupation Safety and Health Administration in the U.S. is also quoted as pointing out that a pinch grip (as in conventional squeegees) should never be used when a power grip can be used instead (as in the EZGrip squeegee).

Rubber replacement quick and easy without screws.

Then there are other features too such as: it’s a self-standing unit in and out of the screen; it’s a one-piece construction that only weighs just over seven ounces; and it has a smooth chemical-resistant finish that allows for easy cleaning.

The handle will hold any durometer rubber from 5″ to 14″ in width. The rubber easily clips in firmly so there’s no messing with screws which means you can flip the rubber around and use the other end without having to worry about screw holes.

Give Stanley’s a call at 1 800 661 1553 and ask about the EZGrip squeegee handle – carpal tunnel syndrome corrective surgery is no joke.