Blogging for your print shop

A lot has been written about why you should blog for your business. The obvious benefits usually include:

  • Being found by search engines;
  • Credibility with your customers, suppliers, and others;
  • Keeping your customers engaged;
  • Positioning your shop as an industry leader;
  • Generating leads.

Blog to engage your customers.

But before you rush off and start typing, there are some do’s and don’ts you can’t ignore. The do’s are intended to ensure that your blog engages readers, creates curiosity, and expands your business. The don’ts will turn people off and defeat the object of blogging.



Here are the do’s:

  • Incorporate different elements such as graphics, videos, and podcasts.
  • Include images, at least one per post.
  • When appropriate, include a call to action, suggest what your readers should do next.
  • Leverage your blog with other social media platforms.
  • Aim to make your readers (customers) feel that there is a point to every post, something relevant to your relationship (in your case Tees).
  • Link to other relevant content around the web.
  • Be relaxed and informal – avoid stuffy formality (stuffy formality is not a Tee’s thing).

Avoid these don’ts:

  • Negativity – it’s a huge turnoff.
  • Selling – according to conventional blogging wisdom, if readers feel that the blog is only pitching sales, they’ll avoid it.
  • Jargon – keep the language simple and engaging.
  • Misleading headlines – they should truthfully reflect the content of the post.
  • Lack of focus – stick to content relevant to your business and your readership (in your case, matters pertaining to imprinted Tees)
  • Lack of attention to design elements – keep paragraphs short, add interesting and relevant graphics.

Now you’re ready to add a blog to your web site and start engaging your customers with useful information.