Does your doctor own a stethoscope?

Vital equipment.

Its’ time to ask this question again. Does your doctor own a stethoscope?

I’ll bet he or she does. We all know that a doctor wouldn’t be able to do the job without such a basic but vital piece of equipment. How would your doctor know what’s going on inside your chest cavity without a stethoscope? And wouldn’t it be alarming if your doctor didn’t have a stethoscope because he or she didn’t want to shell out the few hundred dollars it would take to be properly set up to do the job?

So now let’s ask another question. Do you own a Thermoprobe or a heat gun?

How can a textile screen printer do the job properly without some way to accurately confirm the curing temperature in the dryer? How do you know what’s going on inside the dryer cavity – i.e. locate hot or cold spots –  if you don’t have a Thermoprobe? Isn’t it alarming that many textile screen printers have no way of accurately testing the curing temperature inside their dryers because they don’t want to shell out a few hundred dollars for this vital piece of equipment?

And just as doctors have choices between expensive and less-expensive stethoscopes, textile screen printers have options too. Infra-red temperature guns are less expensive than Thermoprobes but Thermoprobes are more accurate. And while an infra-red gun might work well enough in smaller dryers, only Thermoprobes can find hot or cold spots in a dryer.

Test your curing temperatures. What you use is your choice, but use something. Don’t take unnecessary risks with curing!