Email marketing – technique

Email marketing can be very effective if you pay attention to technique.

In the last post we dealt with the Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) as it pertains to commercial electronic messages (CEM). So assuming we’re in compliance by obtaining express permission from every recipient listed in our email distribution list, we can now look at technique –  ways to maximize the effectiveness of our email marketing effort.

The first thing you’re going to do is make sure that the recipient receives a personally-addressed email. Email program plug-ins that allow this have been around for years but services like Mail Chimp are more flexible (allows graphics etc.) and are growing in popularity. But whatever method you use to personalize mass email mail-outs, do not, again, do not, send out an email with a hundred or so recipients showing.  First of all, it tells the recipient that they’re just one of many receiving a generic email and therefore nobody special to you – exactly the opposite of the impression you want to give. And secondly, why would you want to disclose one of you major intangible assets, your customer list, to the world at large?

There are also other important considerations: a subject line that entices the recipient to open the email; content that is relevant and of benefit to the recipient; encouragement to visit the other elements of your online presence such as your web site, Face Book page, and blog; timing such as the best day of the week, week of the month, or month of the quarter to send an email; and additional items of interest such as images.

Oh, and an important final thought – keep your email list up to date by constantly recruiting new recipients (with their permission of course) and paying attention to bounce-backs.