Getting a handle on manual squeegees

Just a week ago I wrote about EZGrip’s revolutionary new squeegee handle. Since then the inventor, Ron Sievert, has sent us a link to a You Tube video of the EZGrip in action. You can see it here. But come back after watching the video because there’s more to this story.

A much healthier way to grip a squeegee.

Okay, so after watching the video and reading the last post, I don’t have to tell you why Stanley’s is excited about being able to offer the EZGrip squeegee handle. At $33.95 (Canadian) you can’t go wrong. But, as so often happens, great ideas attract copy cats.

Today I received an email notice of another two-handle squeegee that’s just hit the market. However, after looking at it I’m wondering why this BADASS squeegee (that’s its name, no kidding) was released at all. It’s much heavier than the EZGrip, it still uses the old screw technology so you can’t flip the rubber around, and the handles don’t appear to be nearly as ergonomically positioned as the EZGrip’s handles.

But the biggest difference is price. Stanley’s is selling the EZGip for $33.95 (Canadian) and the BADASS price on the email I received is $145.00 (U.S.), that’s about $190.00 (Canadian). In other words, you can get almost 6 EZGrips for 1 BADASS. Now what have you got to lose by buying one EZGrip (except of course carpal tunnel syndrome)? And when you’ve tried it and want more, Stanley’s will have them waiting.

So, as we said last week, Give Stanley’s a call at 1 800 661 1553 and ask about the EZGrip squeegee handle – carpal tunnel syndrome corrective surgery is no joke.