Hey boss, do you care how you’re perceived?

Perceived as dislikeable? Do something about it for the sake of your screen shop.

As with any small business, bosses of textile screen shops range from very likeable to very dislikeable. Where do you fit on the likeable-to-dislikeable scale?

“Does it matter?” you might be wondering. Well, it’s worth keeping in mind that people prefer to do business and work with people they like. If this is true – and it’s widely believed to be so – then it makes sense that a small business with a likeable boss is more likely to succeed than one with a dislikeable boss.

‘Succeed” in this instance would mean attracting and retaining employees, suppliers, and customers. It follows therefore that the businesses of bosses perceived to be dislikeable, have something to gain by making themselves more likeable. And let’s not confuse “likeable” with “soft touch”. A boss doesn’t have to be a dislikeable tyrant to be an assertive, smart, decisive businessperson. He or she can be all that and still be likeable.

So when is a boss perceived to be dislikeable? For starters, when he or she harshly criticises employees in front of their co-workers. A good example is the boss who held up a sweat shirt in front of the entire staff on their lunch break and asked who’d printed it. The reason for asking was obvious – instead of the print being on the chest of the garment it was on the stomach area. When the responsible employee raised his hand, the boss, in typical fashion, called him a f*****g idiot. This is not likeable and not the way to build a happy, productive environment.

If a boss is perceived to be dislikeable by his or her employees, the chances are that the customers and suppliers see it the same way. And this is bad for business.

So if you’re perceived as dislikeable, you should care about it and mend your ways for the sake of your business. It’s not easy though – no easier than dieting or giving up smoking. But it’s worth it.