Social media and your T-shirt line (again)

Another customer finding you on social media.

Last year about this time I quoted an article about the importance of considering social media for selling your T-shirt line. And if you don’t have your own line, some of your customers likely do, which affords you an opportunity to offer some added value by passing on this idea to them.

Now it’s time to follow up and check how much progress you’ve made over the past year. Very little, you say? Oh come on, you’re missing a great opportunity to get on board with the shift to a rapidly-advancing digital market place. But like anything else in business there are bad, good and better ways to sell online.

One of the better better ways is to set up your web site with a service like Shopify ( ). There are others but I’m familiar with Shopify and have nothing bad to say about them. Do a little research and you’ll find that setting up online is a lot easier than it’s ever been. Then you can extend your digital reach by directing customers to your web site using other social media platforms.

So in case you need more convincing, I’ll repeat the six points I mentioned a year ago . . .

  1. A social media strategy is now fundamental to the growth and success of almost any new or existing business.
  2. The good news about an item of clothing (say, a T-shirt) is that it’s a colourful, visual item  perfectly suited to social media where images, pictures and videos are shared.
  3. Social media appeals to the same demographic that’s interested in fashion.
  4. With social media you can quickly reach billions of people all over the world.
  5. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube are still the most widely-used social networks but it won’t necessarily stay that way.
  6. Pinterest (100 million active monthly users), Vine (200 million active monthly users) and Snapchat (100 million daily users) are good marketing resources and are growing.