What do guerrillas and Tees have in common?

I have no idea what guerrillas and Tees may have in common — and the picture has very little to with this post, even if it features a guerilla and a Tee — but bear with me, I have an idea for you . . .

I was reading a Shopify article on low-cost guerilla marketing for small businesses when my mind wandered to how textile screen shops could use guerilla marketing to expand their customer base. I don’t have to tell you how Textile screen shops are always looking for ways to be busier and more profitable in a competitive market.  We know that creating new business is one way to do this. But the question is, how?

The article mentioned strategically-located signs and banners. Not a bad idea but, better still, I thought, what about a billboard? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a billboard promoting a contract textile screen printer. And I have no idea why not. Don’t you think that a well-located billboard of a very simple design can convey to a target audience (corporate types in charge of promotion) that putting their message on a Tee might be a great idea and that yours is the shop to do it? They may never have considered Tees before, and even if they had, they may never have heard of your shop before.

So what about a billboard design with a simple question (drivers-by have to be able to get the message quickly): “Ever thought of putting your corporate message on a t-shirt?” Perhaps add “We’ll do it”. Include your phone number and web site address in big, bold text. With some thought you could probably come up with a great eye-catching design and message (just remember that it must be simple, easy to read in a couple of seconds, and memorable).

There are two outcomes you’d hope for . . . First, it will spur on people who have been thinking about using Tees as part of their promotional programs and they will now know where to have it done. Second, people who may never have thought about it might now do so and know where to get it done.