A key component in a great print—the squeegee blade

The thumbnail version:

  • Squeegee blades should be kept in good condition for crisp prints
  • Some blades can be sharpened (trim off the worn edge)

The full version:

Writing for Images magazine, Tony Palmer reminds us that the condition of a squeegee blade can make the difference between a sharp print and a print out of focus.

In other words, if overlooked, a worn squeegee blade can be the weak link that prevents a print from being all that it can regardless of the excellence of everything from the art to the ink. And it’s probably the easiest to take care of among all the variables that together make an excellent print.

One suggestion is to make it standard practice to closely examine every squeegee blade to be used in a a particular job right as preparations are being made. Anything less than a blade in excellent condition can then be replaced or sharpened.

All of this is of course predicated on the right squeegee being selected in the first place.