In general the ink crisis isn’t funny, but this is . . .

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  • Ink in almost any condition is good ink in a crisis.
  • Humour is always healthy, particularly crisis humour.

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Recently Matt Browning of Surge Screen Printing and Embroidery in Richmond, Kentucky, posted an item on LinkedIn with two images of a 5-gallon bucket manhandled by UPS. You have probably taken delivery of at least one similarly-distorted container in your time (the mind boggles at how shippers manage to do this, doesn’t it?), but that’s not the point.

The point is how Browning’s post drew a hilarious then-and-now comparison that’s as appropriately realistic for the times as it is funny:

2019: “Umm, our ink arrived off the UPS truck like this. Can you send us a replacement bucket please?”

2021: “Thank you, Lord, for we are truly blessed!”