A miser can’t do marketing

Misers aren’t good marketers.

Giving stuff away—even small gift items—has been a long-standing marketing tactic. And with good reason; people like receiving stuff not just because of the item itself but also because of the gesture. Giving and receiving are good feelings that can plant the seeds of a mutually beneficial relationship.

This is where misers make the mistake of false economy by saving pennies and potentially losing out on dollars. Here’s a case in point . . .  Last week in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia at a business presentation the presenter handed out worksheets to the fifteen or so participants for completion as part of the presentation. Then, in anticipation of some people not having a pen with them, he handed a pencil to each participant. That was good. What wasn’t good was that after the presentation he went around and retrieved his pencils.

First of all, he looked pretty cheap recovering pencils worth a few pennies but, more importantly, by not handing out pencils with his company name and contact information on them for the participants to keep, he missed a marketing opportunity.

Miserliness is not a good quality in a marketer. What does your shop do to subtly market itself with inexpensive gestures?