A reminder from a fire far away

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  • Are you disaster-ready?
  • There are measures you should take now.

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Photo per BBC.

Yesterday,  Sunday, 18th April, a fire on the iconic Table Mountain at the heart of Cape Town was out of control long enough to set light to the main library on the University of Cape Town campus. It destroyed the historic reading room that housed irreplaceable documents and records from South Africa’s past. It also destroyed a plant research unit.

So what does a devastating fire 15,000 kilometers away in the Southern Hemisphere have to do with textile screen printing shops in Canada? There’s likely no direct impact but it’s a reminder that disaster can strike quickly and devastatingly. And that in turn provides an opportunity to remind all shop owners:

  • Your shop insurance should be current and paid up to date.
  • You should assess your shop for fire safety and fire prevention (more than one textile screen printing shop in Canada has gone up in flames)
  • You should have a fire and water-proof safe or similar container to secure important documents, back-up USB sticks, etc.
  • You should have a remote daily back-up service for your shop’s computers.
  • You should have a photographic record of the the equipment, materials, furniture etc. updated regularly and kept off premises such as in a bank safety deposit box.
  • You should have copies (certified or notarized, if necessary) of important documents such as leases, agreements, and other legal documents stored safely off site.
  • You should have records of your various passwords stored safely off site or lodged with a remote service.

Make a point of attending to this now. Disasters arrive without warning.