A resource for you while business is paused for the Coronavirus

Researching the business literature and adapting it to the textile screen printing industry.

By now you’re probably well aware of being urged on this blog to make a point of reading business books and other similar material. That doesn’t mean we’re going to give up making this important point; it’s worth repeating.

Now is the time you never thought you’d have to read, so here’s a suggestion . . . Log onto Soundview here and consider subscribing at their discounted rates to receive summaries of business books. They relieve you from having to plow through complete books.

Do this and when you go back to full-time running of your business you’ll be so much better equipped with great ideas you can implement. It’s going to be a new ‘normal’ quite different from the old ‘normal’ so the better equipped you are to deal with it the more likely it is that your business will survive and thrive.