A webinar on the future of the textile and apparel industry

Here’s a notice of an upcoming webinar on Wednesday, 29th of July (in 9 days) that should be of direct interest to all  involved in the textile and apparel industry. Read the description below and then click here to register

Topic: Textiles & Apparel in a Post-Pandemic World

Description: The COVID-19 crisis is taking its toll on virtually all sectors of the economy, but it is fundamentally transforming textiles and apparel. Specifically, global supply chain disruptions have focused attention on reshoring textile production, and the pandemic has accelerated other trends that had been underway before the crisis, such as an increased emphasis on environmental sustainability, on-demand production, the end of “fast fashion,” and personalization.

On Wednesday, July 29, at 1 p.m. ET, the latest in WhatTheyThink’s LunchNLearn webinar series will feature a panel discussion looking at these issues and more. WhatTheyThink senior editor Cary Sherburne will be joined by:

• Debbie McKeegan, CEO of Texintel and WhatTheyThink contributor
• Kirby Best, Founder and Chairman of OnPoint Manufacturing

This dynamic panel discussion will look at the current and emerging trends in textiles and apparel, how the COVID-19 crisis has affected the industry and accelerated some of these trends, and what the opportunities are for businesses—even print businesses—in a post-pandemic textile and apparel industry.

What you’ll learn:
• The current state of the textile and apparel industry
• How the COVID-19 crisis is transforming the industry
• Opportunities in digital textile production