Adding some zing to your prints with foil.

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  • Foil prints are back.
  • Take advantage now, it’s not likely to last indefinitely.

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Tony Palmer, writing for Images Magazine, re-visits foil for adding zing to your prints. Foil printing is not new by any means but it has fallen in and out of fashion over the years. Apparently it’s back again.

A sheet of foil ready to use.

It’s a simple process that can offer a lot of creative potential for adding eye-catching metallic highlights to a print. It’s applied using a heat press. The foil is adhered to a garment with a clear “adhesive” (Wilflex HD Clear) that anyone at Stanley’s can tell you about. The clear is often difficult to see on the garment but Tony has a great tip for making the task easier—add a little light-coloured pigment (say, yellow) before laying it down.

Don’t miss out making money on this trend while it lasts. Do your research, practice, perfect your foiling technique, and get into production.