After a tragic fire — a reminder to all shops

Hogan’s Printing of Windsor, Ontario, burnt down in the early hours yesterday, 9th February. We’re very sorry to hear this as we would be to hear about any tragedy that befell a member of the industry. This one is particularly tough because it’s the second time it has happened to them in two years. We wish Hogan’s a speedy recovery.

Keep fire-fighting equipment serviced and ready.

Regardless of what the cause might have been, it can still serve as a reminder to the rest of the shops in the industry that fire is a real risk in print shops. Accumulated lint and exploding aerosol cans carelessly knocked onto dryer belts, are just two examples of known causes of textile shop fires.

The reminder here is to keep the shop clean (including hidden areas such as ventilation shafts), handle and store flammable materials with care, and have fire-fighting equipment serviced and readily available in prominent places throughout the shop.