An answer to your phone-answering dilemma

With a phone answering service your customers will always get to talk to a real live person!

We’ve had a lot to say about the necessity for a real live person to answer your shop’s phone when it rings. I’m sure we don’t have to discuss again how much you risk losing a potential customer by sending them to voicemail. You can’t build your business around what’s convenient for you, it has to be what’s convenient for the customer and, most of the the time, voicemail is not convenient for an impatient customer.

Well, if you can’t give your customers and potential customers the experience of reaching a real live person every time they call, there are services that will do it for you. Expect to pay about $150 a month for an answering service but weigh that up against peace of mind and possible lost business when people phone your competition because you’re not answering immediately. Here is one such service worth exploring: —check them out.