An e-commerce site becomes a necessity in 2020

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  • COVID-19 has driven more business online
  • Participate or lose out

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Further to our October 29th post, here is some reinforcement for the concept of taking your shop online from another source.

Writing for Images Magazine, Eric Campbell argues as follows: “E-commerce may have been a secondary form of sales for many apparel decorators in the past, but in the current climate it has become a critical method for serving your customers.”

COVID-19 has driven a lot of business online where much of it is likely to stay.

By “current climate” we can assume he’s referring to the COVID-19 restrictions under which we are all operating at the moment. And the thing is, COVID has exposed different ways of doing business, some of which are going to stay with us when things return back to “normal.” More online business vis e-commerce sites than before is likely to be one of those things.

Jumping ahead (before we come back in the next post with practical considerations) Campbell makes the point that just showing up online is not good enough, you have to provide a unique value and not be afraid to put forth your shop’s culture and character.

We’ll address some practical aspects of an e-commerce site in the next post.