Going back to the book I mentioned in an earlier article, 101 Things I learned in Business School, there is some very good advice on running an organized business. It’s about the fact that businesses have departments, even one-person businesses. Understanding this allows for proper organization even for the smallest of businesses, in fact, particularly for the smallest of businesses where time is often in short supply and where good organization can save time.

As the authors note: “Many businesses have similar concerns and responsibilities, and therefore similar departments. A department in a large business may have hundreds or thousands of employees; in a sole proprietorship it may be represented by a folder in the cloud and a few hours of work per month.”

Then they go on to explain why this is important for the smallest of businesses: “Honouring the universality of departments is essential to setting up a business and facilitating growth. Putting standards and practices in place that others will readily understand anticipates the eventual hiring of employees. Even naming and arranging computer folders and files by a universal, rather than idiosyncratic, standard can help growth occur more naturally.”

It’s good advice.