Another big development in the textile ink story!

As you probably know by now there’s been a gradual consolidation of ink brands under one roof over the past few years. We’re talking about the fact that all the most prominent brands that were previously competitors: Wiflex; Rutland; Union; QCM; Printop; and Zodiak; have all ended up under the PolyOne umbrella.

Well now there’s been a further development. PolyOne has acquired Clariant’s Masterbatch business for $1.44 billion. Not only that, but the name of the consolidated business has been changed too. PolyOne is no more. The new expanded business is now known as Avient.

It’s reported that Avient is a new word invented to reflect the company’s commitment to: ” . . . inspiring each other and the world to pursue and achieve our fullest potential.”

Avient put out a statement to say that the new company’s priorities include commitments to work place safety, being a great place to work, inclusion and diversity, leading in sustainability, investing in innovation, operating globally and serving locally, leveraging customer service as a differentiator, and promoting shareholder value.