Another print shop mistake to avoid—waiting

The thumbnail version:

  • Customers can be unreasonably impatient
  • Catering to their impatience can win return business
  • Waiting can annoy an impatient customer
  • Production planning avoids waiting

The full version:

Besides the fact that an order held up waiting for artwork, one or more essential supplies, or a production bottleneck, is an inefficient way to run a shop, a delayed order is no way to impress a customer or ensure repeat business.

A happy customer is a return customer.

Customers are often unreasonable in their delivery demands, but that’s just a reflection of the type of society we live in nowadays. Remember the one-hour photo printing services? There was hardly ever a good reason for wanting photos printed in an hour when all one was going to do was look through them and then put them in a drawer and forget them. But that’s the kind of unreasonable impatience a lot of customers have.

So, as annoying as it can be, you have no choice but to deliver when (if not sooner) than expected. This is why orders have to be planned to ensure that there are no production and delivery delays. There must be no waiting for any of the elements of production: artwork, screens, shirts, ink, staff, etc.

On or before-time delivery can go a long way to impressing an impatient customer.