Beware! Online fraud rats ramping up.

The thumbnail version:

  • Online fraud is more prolific than ever
  • Becoming a victim can destroy your business
  • The key is vigilance

The full version:

They’re everywhere (this is Richard the rat).

Judging by recent articles and reports, online fraud attempts have become more intense during the pandemic. It’s hard to pin down why this is, but as the currently popular phrase has it, it is what it is. As a business owner or employee, your main concern is not falling for it.

Some attempts are laughably easy to spot, such as this one just received, “Hello, this is richard hurt, I will like to know if you do screen printing and can i know if you are the owner or manager and do you accept credit card payment?” But some are cleverly disguised with proper grammar and spelling, and sometimes legitimately-looking logos and links.

One defense against this kind of thing is vigilance. If your staff are constantly reminded to be wary of unsolicited inquiries and to do extensive legitimacy checks, the chances of being victimized by an online rat will be minimized. Unfortunately, in today’s world we have to constantly be on guard. Trust your instincts; if you smell a rat . . .