Boxes recycled to promote your shop

The thumbnail version:

  • It’s ecologically responsible and promotional.
  • It’s also economical.

The full version:

An article in Images Magazine about a clever idea used by a shop in New Orleans is worth taking note of. There’s no reason why your shop couldn’t do this as well, particularly as it’s probably the least expensive ecologically-responsible, promotional idea you’ve probably ever heard about.

Inferno Screen Printing recycles not only the boxes in which it’s shirts and other merchandise arrives but also those of some of its industrial park neighbours. They screen their logo, address etc. onto the boxes with water-based ink containing an air-dry catalyst in a big and bold design large enough to cover the existing printing on the boxes. They print some by hand and others on a press.

Once in a while a good idea worth imitating comes along; this is definitely one of them.