Come on! Clean up the place.

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  • Many shops are messy
  • Messiness is bad for business

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An essential element of a well-run shop.

As a result of countless visits to textile screen shops over many years, I had to include a janitor as a character in my book, Characters Who Can Make Or Break Your Small Business.

Of course not all textile shops are messy. There are those where, as my grandmother liked to say, you can eat your lunch off the floor. But then there are the others . . .

The ink room of a large shop in Toronto (no longer in business)  in particular comes to mind. It’s hard to know how to describe it other than to say that it always looked like a rainbow had exploded in there. I can see how you’d get ink all over the floor, but the walls? Then there was the shop in Vancouver that had a lint fire that ran through the place like one of those gunpowder trails they lit in old cowboy movies.

My concluding thought from the chapter I mentioned above:

“I can’t think of a single circumstance in which janitor-free premises would boost staff morale or give a small business an edge over the competition. I wouldn’t have thought that anyone else could think of one either, but unfortunately cleanliness and orderliness remain concepts not fully grasped by many small business owners, who may never know the positive effects a janitor can have on their business.”