Competition or an idea?

Online design-and-order sites such as this one from Canva—are they competition that traditional brick-and-mortar textile shops should be concerned about in this “new normal” or a concept to be copied?

“Create your own t-shirts

Bring your designs to life with Canva. Our new t-shirt templates allow you to print on both the front and back, so you can have some fun creating and wearing your design. Perfect for individuals who want unique t-shirts or for bringing teams together.

We’ve also improved the quality of the material, sizes and now use more eco-friendly inks, clothing, and ways of transporting your prints to you. Delivery is free as standard, so once you’ve designed your t-shirt, sit back and wait for your creation to turn up. We’ve made printing simple.”

In this COVID-19 “new normal” any potential business-boosting idea is worth considering. Could the concept grow into something bigger than a one-off shirt service? Is it a way to connect with large customers in the future?

Check it out at the Canva website: Click here.