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  • Cyber security lapses can come form within your shop
  • Staff training is essential

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I recently received an email from my internet security provider, Eset. The message reminded me that it was time to post my annual cyber security reminder. It’s an important topic that’s becoming more important with each passing day—there are a growing number of bad guys out there on the net and their “break-and-enter” tools are becoming more sophisticated.

Don’t let Matt allow a cybercriminal in for lack of  training.

Eset’s opening sentence raises an important point: “We have a question for you: Who’s the bigger security thereat? A cybercrime mastermind, or Matt in Marketing?”

That point being that even if you subscribe to a virus-detection or some other form of internet security service, a staff member can still be a chink in your internet security armour.

The answer is to make sure that all your staff members with access to your shop’s computers are properly versed in being alert to potential cybercriminal activity. Some of the bad email approaches can be quite subtle and look like legitimate emails from legitimate sources—that is why training and ongoing sharing of information on the topic is essential.

Don’t let Matt mess it up for lack of training.