Deciding on an emulsion

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  • The emulsion you use depends upon the ink and printing process you use.
  • Here are ten questions to help determine the emulsion best suited to your purpose.

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Dave Dennings, product manager at Kiwo and well-respected industry expert, has just published a post on LinkedIn titled, “Key questions to ask yourself when deciding on an emulsion.”

He suggests that providing the answers to these questions will help your supplier (in this case, Stanley’s) find an emulsion best suited to your needs:

  1. Will I use water-based, solvent-based, plastisol, UV or other inks with this emulsion?
  2. What solvents do I use to remove inks at press and in reclaim?
  3. Do I reclaim most of my screens or reuse them for repeat jobs?
  4. How many screens do I image per day?
  5. How long are my typical jobs?
  6. Do my jobs require high level of detail?
  7. What type of screen exposure system do I use?
  8. Do I use a computer-to-screen imaging system and if so, which one?
  9. What type of automatic screen making and/or reclaiming equipment do I use, if any?
  10. How well is humidity controlled in my screen room and exposure area?