I’ve just received yet another email from Kornit listing five reasons why it’s a good idea to spend almost CAD350,000 on their Avanalche HD6. Leaving aside the usual hype about how a switch to DTG will instantly and magically “create new product opportunities, open new sales channels, or simply be ready for the next disruption that comes along”, let’s just take a look at the five reasons:

  1. DTG offers a versatile safeguard against vulnerability.
  2. E-commerce is exploding, and digital production aligns perfectly with a digitized marketplace.
  3. DTG speed and efficiency means capitalizing on social listening.
  4. Consumers demand responsible production practices, and DTG delivers.
  5. DTG is a proven vehicle for profitability and growth.

So, first of all, you should never even think of spending CAD350,000 on a piece of equipment without: a thorough investigation of the hype (hint – it’s usually mostly BS); asking many, many questions of the suppliers and of yourself; and then having a professional crunching all the numbers.

For instance, just for starters, here are some questions about the five reasons:

  1. What “vulnerability” and how does it do that?
  2. How? How does, say, screen printing, not align with a digitized marketplace?
  3. Sounds good but explain how it makes sense.
  4. Baloney! We can’t even get a known microplastic like glitter out of the industry. The unfortunate fact is that most consumers (and industry influencers) don’t care about “responsible production processes.”
  5. Provide the real-life proof and demonstrate that the “profitability and growth” in the examples was sustained for a number of years.

Don’t take the hype at face value and involve a number cruncher.