I’ve just received an email from a Randall Byrd (yes, I know a tweet would have made a good joke, but this was definitely an email) in which Kornit seems to be taking a new marketing tack. They seem to have decided to attack textile screen printing on the sustainability front.

See this quote in the email allegedly from a “sustainability fashion pioneer”: “Yes, we can give people everything they want—style, quality, fit, colour, comfort, hand—and, by the way, sustainability made, ethical, fair trade, certified organic or biodynamic, biodegradable, recycled, circular, low-impact dyed . . . DIGITALLY PRINTED . . . and all that yummy stuff. Let’s wear the change we all want to see in the world.”

Unfortunately, while all of these qualities are of course desirable, it’s wishful thinking. The reality is that the average T-shirt customer (or average industry influencer) doesn’t care about all those sustainable attributes. Why would they? They can’t even be persuaded to care about the impact of glitter on Tees entering our waterways and oceans as harmful microplastics.

Until the average T-shirt buyer starts caring about and asking for “sustainably made, ethical, fair trade, certified organic or biodynamic, recycled, circular, low-impact dyed” garments, Kornit will be barking up the wrong textile screen printing tree.