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  • BDC highlights three employee communication mistakes business managers make.
  • It’s the small things like this that can make a huge difference.

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Correcting just three common employee communication mistakes can make a huge difference to your business. It can make employees feel more engaged and therefore more willing to contribute. And once productive employee communication becomes a natural part of the way your shop operates, it will be easy to make adaptations that may be come necessary as a result of changes such as, for instance, growth.

Here are the three corrections you may have to make . . .

  1. Communicate regularly. Keep your employees involved by keeping them informed.
  2. Communicate clearly. Be precise. Leave nothing to interpretation or guessing. Be aware of cultural differences when communicating.
  3. Communication goes both ways. Ask questions. Take the answers seriously.

It’s easy, it’s low cost, and it can bring big benefits.