Emulsions in winter

I’m cute and all that but don’t put me in charge of your emulsion!

It’s that time of the year again when we need to remind printers that, unlike plastisol ink and most cleaning chemicals, emulsions are destroyed by freezing.

The components separate when frozen and the emulsion cannot be restored to its original state no matter how much or how vigorously you mix it.

This is important to know because freezing can happen quickly in the Canadian winter. Forget that bucket in the vehicle overnight or ship emulsion in winter by non-heated shipment (not all shippers or couriers offer heated service), and it could be lost.

Take no chances. Even if you receive a delivery of emulsion by what is supposed to be a heated shipment, check the contents before you sign the waybill. This advice is based on the experience of once taking delivery of 2 x 55 gallon drums of emulsion frozen solid on what was supposed to be a heated truck.