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  • Glitter is a microplastic.
  • Microplastics are an environmental hazard.

The full version:

A tale for you . . . Here’s an email from a garment-decorating industry magazine editor:


Thank you for submitting your article for our upcoming edition on your shop’s line of imprinted dance wear.

We’d be happy to publish the article but must ask that you remove any reference to the use of glitter in prints. We ask this in the spirit of our commitment to ridding our industry of microplastics that have been found to be causing devastating environmental damage to the Earth’s waterways and oceans.


XXXXXX, Editor. 

Unfortunately, it’s a fairy tale. Didn’t happen. The magazine in question has just published yet another feature article in which glitter prints are promoted.

If our industry influencers are not going to be a good influence, who is?