Fake COVID-19 protective garment. We don’t want it happening here.

Afraid of COVID-19? Have I got a shirt for you!

An Australian activewear company has been fined $28,000 for incorrectly advertising their garments as “anti-virus activewear.” Implying that a garment can prevent Covid-19 is about as shady as one could get at this time.

We’ve had our share of shady activity in the Canadian industry such as, for instance, printing unlicensed Stanley Cup shirts or unauthorized brand-name garments, but (as far as we know) never have we had something like this that could create a false sense of security. A fake Stanley Cup or Hugo Boss shirt, as inappropriate as it may be, is not going to result in illness or death.

This is a black eye for the Australian industry. Let’s hope nothing like this happens in Canada during this ongoing time of a deadly virus.