Fishing friend

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  • Stress-relief is essential
  • Business causes stress
  • A regular, scheduled break provides relief

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This month Images Magazine featured an excerpt from the Fishing Friend chapter of Characters Who Can Make Or Break Your Small Business. This is the chapter that encourages small business owners to have routinely scheduled away-from-the-business recreational dates. It works best if set up with a friend or friends who can also benefit from such an arrangement.

Copyright: Michael Best

It doesn’t have to be “fishing” of course. It could be hiking, skiing, or any other activity as long as it’s outdoors (weather permitting) and completely disconnected from, in this case, the shop.

Here’s how the chapter in the book opens, I’d be surprised if you didn’t recognize the circumstances . . .

“”Harbouring regrets is unhealthy—I get that. But if I were allowed to harbour one regret, it would be that I didn’t routinely schedule whole days off from my business for recreation.” Here’s more: “I now know that one day a week away from my business would have alleviated a lot of accumulated stress.”

You have to do this.