Frustrated by bleeding?

Frustrated by dye migration? Wilflex plastisols offer solutions.

Many substrates on the market today are prone to dye migration, or as it’s commonly called, bleeding, This is when  the dye in the fabric migrates into the ink of the image and discolours it. Polyester is the most common offender, but it has accomplices. So how to deal with them?

The Wilflex line of plastisols offers a number of inks to cope with bleeding. And, as you know, Stanley’s is Wilflex’s Canadian distributor. So give the Cambridge (519 620 7342) or Calgary (403 243 7722) offices a call for more information on dealing with substrate bleeding. In the meantime though, here is some information on Wilflex’s non-phthalate, non-PVC inks for use on substrates prone to this problem.

The Top Score series of off-the-shelf colours is good for team sport apparel. Top Score also has a mixing base and pigments for making custom colours.

The Performance series offers bleed resistance and stretch on team sports apparel. Performance has black, white. gold, a mixing base, and pigments.

Polywhite has been an effective bleed-resistant white for many years and is as popular as ever.

Bleed Blocker Under Base is a gray formulated as a barrier to migratory dyes to be used a a first-down screen.