Giving value some context — changing a mindset

Ultimately it’s not what you see at first. . . It’s money.

There was once an occasion when I needed some way of demonstrating why it was important to always be aware of inventory (in this case inks and chemicals) sitting aging on a warehouse shelf. I needed to change a mindset.

This is what I did during a staff meeting . . . I fetched an old gallon container of plastisol ink from the warehouse (where it had been sitting for a couple of years) and placed it in the middle of the meeting room table. I asked if anyone could tell me what they saw. Judging by the puzzled expressions I’m sure some thought I’d lost my marbles. Then someone decided to play along and stated what seemed to be the obvious: “I see a dusty gallon bucket of ink.”

It gave me the perfect opening to make my point: “I see about $50.” I explained: “If on that spot on the shelf there were two twenties and a ten, would we leave it lying there year after year gathering dust? Of course not, because there are better things to do with money than leave it lying around. So see the bucket as $50, not just as a dusty bucket of ink.”

Take a stroll through your shop or warehouse. See how much “money” is lying around and can be put to better use. Change the mindset.