You might not know this but the receipts printed out at cash registers, ATM machines, boarding passes, and other similar machines contains BPA (bisphenol), a carcinogen best known for being in some plastics and in the lining of some food cans. But this is not about BPA, it’s about how chemicals are handled in your shop.

Read this excerpt from Dr. Neal Barnard’s book, Your Body In Balance, and then answer the question at the end. It could make a difference to the health of everybody working in your shop.

“So the Harvard research team did a new study. They asked volunteers to print and handle cash register receipts over a two-hour period. If they wore gloves, nothing happened. There was no absorption of BPA. But when the volunteers handled receipts without gloves the BPA passed straight through their skin into their bloodstreams. Urine samples showed that BPA levels increased fivefold over the next four to twelve hours.”

Keep ink and chemicals off your skin.

Here’s the question . . .  If the skin is that porous and BPA passes into the bloodstream this easily, what is happening when ink and chemicals are handled in your shop without gloves?