Going online — you need a plan

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  • E-commerce business is growing
  • It’s an avenue your shop should be pursuing.
  • But you must plan it properly.

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I love my e-commerce site!

Online business is still on the rise.  We’ve been pointing that out on this blog for some time. And recently FedEx ran a webinar for small businesses on the topic. After the webinar they issued a summary of the top ten considerations for making the shift to e-commerce.

One of those is particularly important and worthy of further exploration . . . Creating a plan for getting online. You must have a plan.

Setting a development budget, choosing a developer, choosing a dedicated employee as the liaison with the developer, must all be done. This requires a plan.

And it’s not just about the technology. In fact, once that is in place, it’s all about management of processes and administration. The process of taking and shipping orders will likely change and the people involved need to be trained and managed accordingly. This needs a plan.

And finally, but most importantly, you must identify who will manage the day-to-day e-commerce operations—a job that will include daily management of the website to keep it fresh and current.

All of this requires a plan.