Have you considered Shopify?

Just look at my online store on Shopify!

You don’t need to be reminded that the Canadian textile screen printing market is not easy, particularly in the main centers where it can sometimes cutthroat. But even if you currently have a niche market (product or location), perhaps far from the any of the big centers where you may feel quite comfortable for now, your bubble could burst tomorrow. Nothing lasts forever, especially in the business arena.

So how to insulate your shop from the full impact of an attack on your current comfortable situation? Or how to deal with a stifling market place where everyone is competing locally for the same customer?

Consider an online aspect to your shop on Shopify. It doesn’t have to be an extension of your T-shirt production; there are already a ton of online Tee vendors. You have a production facility, you have design capability, and you have equipment. All you need to add is creativity—ideas for products and ways to produce them. Think about it. Do some research. Think about it some more. Test your ideas. Keep in mind that Shopify is a great resource for online selling—check them out.

An online store on Shopify could be the diversification and additional income stream you’ve been looking for.