If it’s worth running this shop, it’s worth doing properly.

There can be many reasons for wanting to own a textile screen printing business, and it doesn’t matter what your particular reason is, as long as you understand that it’s a business to be taken seriously. This might seem like stating the obvious but it’s not.

Like many other small businesses, there are two necessary skills to owing and running a textile screen shop. There is of course the technical skill but then there is also the management skill. In many screen shops, particularly start-ups, the technical skills are there, and even when they’re not quite up to snuff, the emphasis is on developing and refining the technical skills. But therein lies a potential problem.

The early years in the life of a small business (the first year in particular) can be challenging. In a screen shop it’s when so much time is spent on the technical side of the business that the basic management side can be neglected. By basic management I mean cost control, pricing for profit, cash flow management, marketing and sales, staff hiring and management, and a whole lot of other things that can keep you awake at night. Wearing a lot of different hats is common among small business owners, but it’s particularly hard on a new business owner on a steep learning curve.

The answer? Get help. Find a mentor. Engage an accountant or bookkeeper to look after the financial stuff, get help in those areas you know little about or don’t have time to address. As you get various aspects of your shop under control and operating properly, you can start moving onto the others. Perhaps you can dispense with some of the help then. But don’t start out trying to be a superhero.

By the time your discover that there only 24 hours in a day, that you need sleep to function properly, that out-of-control workaholics have lousy family lives, and that finding help to plug the gaps you can’t handle can save your health and your business, it may be too late.

Don’t neglect the reading.

Oh, and make part of your relaxation away from work reading about business management and the technical aspects of textile screen printing. Blogs, books, newsletters, technical journals, business magazines—you can learn a lot of useful stuff from them.This might not sound like relaxation but you’re not going to be able to stop your brain thinking about the shop even when you’re not at the shop so you might as well let it absorb information useful to the shop—it will all help.

If a shop is worth running, it’s worth doing it properly.