We are about to enter a new year and that means that Canadian textile screen printers will be giving some thought to a to-do list for getting off to a good start when we all come back in January.

One item that can easily be overlooked is your exposure unit lamp. If it fails and you don’t have a replacement handy, you could be in for a severe headache just when you need it least of all.

Here are two tips that could help avoid disruptions and keep you operating at maximum efficiency during the new year:

    1. If your lamp has not been replaced for some time, seriously consider doing it early in the new year. All lamps lose strength with use. As a general rule for to ensure maximum efficiency, metal-halide lamps should be replaced every 6 months or 1,000 hours, whichever occurs first. I’d suggest checking with the manufacturer of your unit for exact recommendations.
    2. Always have a back-up lamp on hand so that if the lamp in your unit fails, there will be no downtime in the darkroom while you wait for a replacement lamp to be delivered. You don’t want to suddenly find out that the replacement lamp that you need is a specialty item from only one source and is in a container on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic. Also, we have seen couriers manage to break lamps in shipment even though they are usually packed to withstand rough handling.

It is often the less-obvious, simple things that can cause major disruptions in the shop if they are overlooked. The exposure unit lamp is one of those things, especially if it is one of those that has to be ordered in.

A call to one of Stanley’s four branches across Canada to get you a lamp now would be another item on the to-do list that can be ticked off: Craig in Cambridge 1 877 205 9218; Wendy in Calgary at 1 800 661 1553; Howard in Richmond 604 873 2451; Sandy in Edmonton at 1 888 424 7446.