Is your brand trusted? Should it be?

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  • Brand trust is a key to long-term success
  • Brand trust has to be built deliberately

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We live in a time where the brand trust for some of our public and private institutions  is at an all-time low.

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For instance, a recent Canadian survey ranked trust in members of parliament, advertising practitioners, car salesmen, and owners of social media platforms at the bottom of a long list.

Apparently the so-called oldest profession wasn’t among the choices but it wouldn’t be surprising to find it ranked higher than the above group.

More to the point, a recent Gallup survey conducted in the U.S. found that while the trust level in institutions and big businesses was dropping, small business still ranked fairly high with the public. This is good news for the small business community (which includes most if not all, textile screen shops). However, brand trust doesn’t just happen, your business has to set about earning it.

The reason your business needs brand trust is obvious. If the buying public, or even business customers, have reason to not trust your brand, they’re going to avoid doing business with your shop. On the other hand, brand trust will encourage them to do business with your shop.

So, what are you doing to bolster band trust?