Keep the equipment clean.

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  • Well maintained equipment means a better return for longer

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You don’t need to be Einstein to understand this . . . it makes business and operational sense to keep the equipment clean and maintained

How many times have we urged that shop equipment should be kept clean and maintained regularly? The answer is many, many times because, aside from pride of ownership,  the business benefits are so obvious that it’s worth repeating from time to time.

And we aren’t alone in urging this. Tony Palmer of Palmprint Consultants in the UK recently had the same message accompanied by a short video on LinkedIn of a press that’s cleaned every day. And, not surprisingly, it looks brand new, even though it is eighteen months old and prints thousands of garments daily.

As he points out: “The machine cost a great deal of money. The machine can earn a great deal of money. Look after the press and it will earn you good money for decades to come.”

This would include all equipment, big or small, automatic or manual—the principle applies equally,