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  • Kornit’s second quarter of 2022 sees a huge decline
  • Does this say something about DTG or the industry?

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Reports on Kornit’s second quarter of 2022 results are interesting inasmuch as they are down by 29% over the second quarter of 2021. By any reasonable standard, that’s significant.

The brief reports I’ve seenĀ  don’t explain in any detail the reason for the drop in business but they do say that the company is dealing with the “short-term challenges” by “addressing costs including a reduction in staffing.” It’s also reported that the CFO is resigning “for personal reasons.”

So what, if anything, does this say about the state of the industry generally, and DTG specifically? It’s hard to say at this stage but if the third quarter also fails to meet expectations, expect eyebrows to be raised.

Stay tuned.