Lousy customer service

The thumbnail version:

  • Most businesses think they provide great customer service
  • Most customers think they don’t

The full version:

I think it is fair to say that most businesses will claim that they care about their customer service. But I think it’s also fair to say that customers will say that customer service is mostly lousy.

You call this customer service!

For instance, I bet that I could list at least a dozen instances of lousy customer service I’ve endured in the past month if I put my mind to it—starting with a major international courier all the way across the board to the local appliance repair man.

So what’s going on? What are customer service providers missing? Well, according to a white paper by Howard Lax, there are ten causes:

  1. Lack of commitment from the top.
  2. Inside-out view of the world.
  3. Rising customer expectations.
  4. Sub-standard employee experiences and poorly-trained employees.
  5. Corporate culture.
  6. Misperception and failure to listen.
  7. Failure of measurement and analysis.
  8. Failure to act.
  9. Cost / benefit challenges.
  10. Lack of clarity of objectives.

These all apply to all businesses, but some more than others in the case of textile screen printing shops. We’ll explore them in more detail in upcoming posts.