“Memorable customer service”—does your shop measure up?

Not the face of memorable customer service.

I think it was Tom Peters who liked the term “memorable customer service” when talking about what made companies excellent. We can assume that “memorable customer service” is the type of customer service that encourages loyalty in customers. Who wouldn’t want more memorable  customer service, especially in world so full of truly indifferent and crappy customer service?

So what does it take? Well, first and foremost it’s top-notch communication. This simply means being able to communicate the information about your shop’s products and services clearly and precisely and in a polite, caring and engaging manner.

Sounds simple? Then why do so many businesses fail to put people who can do that on the front lines with customers?

Keep your mumbling, short-tempered, grumpy, ill-informed, indifferent, and rude employees away from any customer contact and watch for an increase in the number of returning customers looking for more memorable customer service.