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  • Shop owners and employees face mental health issues just like anyone else.
  • Owners in particular are subject to stress affecting mental health.

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May 2nd to May 8th was Mental Health Week in Canada hosted by the Canadian Mental Health Association (May was mental health month in the U.S.).

Shopify published an article highlighting the issue of mental health and entrepreneurs: “Entrepreneurs face mental health challenges just like everyone else. And on top of that, there are stressors that uniquely arise when the buck stops with you—like making tough decisions, wearing all of the hats, and struggling to know when it’s OK to simply take a break.”

I devoted a chapter in Characters Who Can Make or Break Your Small Business to the topic because over the years I saw the devastating impact of mental health problems first hand in our industry—three of them ended in suicides.

The purpose in raising this again is to urge you to take care of your mental health, starting with not hesitating to take a break (an hour, a day, a week, or a month) when you instinctively sense that you need one. And if a break doesn’t do it, seek professional help.