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  • In an earlier post I addressed establishing and maintaining trust in your brand.
  • This is another useful bit of advice on the topic.

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Marry your brand

A contributor to Entrepreneur earlier this year had an interesting angle to the brand-maintenance issue—treat your brand like a relationship.

Here is an excerpt: “Like building trust, a successful relationship depends on shared values—being “equally yoked,” or lining up your values with those of whom you work or do business with. It also means your personal brand should be consistent with your values and in sync with your actions. Make sure your brand is communicating the values that mean the most to you, and that they are clear and recognizable.”

The article concludes with this: “So go ahead and tie the knot; make a lifelong commitment to your brand. Like a romantic relationship, building a powerful and compelling personal brand takes time, hard work, and commitment. The ones that last are the ones that put in the time, the intentional effort, and stay for the long haul. It’s time to renew your vows and reignite the romance with your brand.”