More COVID-19 trends and responses that affect the industry

The thumbnail version:

  • Other industries are crossing over into textile printing
  • Customized and personalized prints have been on an upward trend
  • COVID-19 has spawned home-based competitors for textile printers

The full version:

To further reinforce the point made in the last post about non-textile-industry competitors being projected into textile printing by the circumstances of COVID-19, there’s more in Sign Media Canada about it. (Notice how these insights into the textile industry are now appearing in sign industry publications). It raises the question again about how concerned traditional textile printers should be about what appears to be a trend.

The excerpt in question . . .

“Personalization and customization trends continued through 2020, as brands moved their businesses online and smaller, home-based businesses entered the marketplace. Small-format, affordable equipment provide a robust yet easy-to-use platform, allowing users to quickly build a T-shirt, poster, sticker, and decal graphics printing business.”

More to think about!

These appear to be the appropriate questions for traditional textile screen printers at this time:

  • Is it time to diversify into the market places of those encroaching on our market place?
  • Do I need to diversify to offset the erosion of my traditional market place?”
  • Do I stick with my traditional marketplace but boost promotion?
  • Do I stick with my traditional textile screen printing but change my marketing and sales channels, i.e., look at establishing or boosting my online business?